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The Final Note (was a high C)

Posted on 16 August, 2011

The last week in Salzburg felt no different than any other week for me. A number of people were feeling the homesickness. Others were dreading/anticipating the start of school so soon. And others still were staying on in Europe. I was in the latter category–and still trying to figure out plans. Originally I was going to Berlin and then to Wolfsburg to see HOWEVS, I was having to wait ’til the last moment to buy my Fussballspiele ticket anyways due to incurring medical expenses on a “weepy eye” for more than 48 hours… so there were no tickets left for either Wolfsburg or Bayern Muenchen. Ganz ganz traurig. So then I thought, well, maybe I’ll just go to Berlin. Then my flight changed around….…

‘Es gibt zwei-und-fuenfzig Staaten in der USA’ ‘Nein.’ ‘Wie weisst du das?’ ‘Ich komme aus der USA…’

Posted on 14 August, 2011

For Americans and Europeans alike, let’s quick have a little history and geography lesson. According to the wonders of Wikipedia, there are, indeed, FIFTY/fuenzig/cinquante/limapuluh in the United States of a America. You might be curious to name all of them, so in that case, read this. On the American flag, there are thirteen stripes for the thirteen original colonies, and then there are fifty stars on the flag. Puerto Rico is NOT an American state. Washington DC is also NOT an American state. So moral of this story is, should you care to win multiple beers off Austrian Men (danke, Wolfie, Robert, und Sandy), it’s safe to bet on how many states are in the USA. Coming back from Vienna to Salzburg was like…

‘Ich schlafe mit einem riesigen Wels.’ ‘Wirklich?’ ‘Ja… fuer jetzt.’

Posted on 1 August, 2011

To go ahead and clear the air–yes, I do sleep with a giant catfish. His name is Calvin, and he’s five feet long. He’s also a pillow (a comfortable one at that). This is just what happens when you live on your own. The nights are too quiet, the cushions on the couch aren’t supporting your back enough to watch TV, so you head to your neighborhood Bass Pro Shop and invest in a giant fish. Week III of Salzburg was only a half-week, really, as then we had our travel weekend Friday through Sunday. The plague had hit hard and fast, and so numbers were thinning for master class and for opera scenes. I ended up subbing last minute in master class by…

‘Der, Die, oder Das, Liz?’

Posted on 29 July, 2011

The second week of Salzburg has definitely been a “dig your heels in and sing” week. All of us are required to perform one German Lied for our midterm concert in the third week, so that has been weighing on all of the musicians here. Pianists are scrambling and trading pieces; professors keep double checking their students rep; students… well they just keep singing whatever they’re supposed to be singing. And then they sing a little more just to be safe. And then they decide last minute to switch pieces; therefore, more chaos ensues. Daily Master Classes are a big part of the program here, and they are a great way for singers to try out new repertoire as well as polish older pieces.…

Salzburg: Yes, McDonald’s hamburgers do taste better here.

Posted on 19 July, 2011

One whole week in Salzburg feels a little too surreal.  Schedules, students, songs, and schnitzel are falling into place, and so now all that’s left is to sing, drink, and be merry.     Being on a bus to Salzburg with a bunch of singers was comparable to being on a bus with a bunch of teammates for an abnormally long period of time when everyone is tired, hungry, and trying to be polite without exhausting themselves further.  In other words, those of us who didn’t fall asleep with in the first ten minutes on the bus had just about had it after ten minutes.  Upon arriving in Oestereich (aka Austria), a petite, extremely enthusiastic woman ran up to me with open arms.  Of…

‘Wo ist Salzburg?’ ‘Hast du eine Karte?’ ‘For groceries?’

Posted on 30 June, 2011

1) Wo ist Salzburg?  / Where is Salzburg? Clarification:  Salzburg is not in Germany, it’s in Austria (oder Österreich auf Deutsch). 2) Hast du eine Karte?  / Do you have a map? Clarification: I’m flying into Munich (which is in Germany) first and staying for two days until traveling to Salzburg, Austria. It’s 4,777 miles from Atlanta to Munich. So roughly a ten hour flight. My flight leaves 4:25PM on Friday July 8th from ATL, and I arrive 7:50AM on Saturday July 9th in MUC. Return date to the States is August 16th. The time difference is six hours ahead. This famous dude was born here. Salzburg literally translates as “The Salt Castle” A pie to whomever can name which famous movie was filmed in…